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611 SW 5th CT, Renton WA 98057 (Building A)
701 SW 5th CT, Renton WA 98057 (Building B)

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Community Association Manager

Alex ~ Phone: 425-629-9517

What is a community association manager?

A community association manager manages the common property and services of condominiums, cooperatives, and planned communities through their homeowners' or community associations.

In many respects, the work of community association managers parallels that of property managers. They collect monthly assessments, prepare financial statements and budgets, negotiate with contractors, and help to resolve complaints. In other respects, however, the work of these managers differs from that of other residential property and real estate managers. Community association managers interact on a daily basis with homeowners and other residents, rather than with renters. Hired by the volunteer board of directors of the association, they administer the daily affairs and oversee the maintenance of property and facilities that the homeowners own and use jointly through the association. They also assist the board and owners in complying with association and government rules and regulations.

Some associations encompass thousands of homes and employ their own onsite staff and managers. In addition to administering the associations' financial records and budget, managers may be responsible for the operation of community pools, golf courses, and community centers, and for the maintenance of landscaping and parking areas. Community association managers also may meet with the elected boards of directors to discuss and resolve legal issues or disputes that may affect the owners, as well as to review any proposed changes or improvements by homeowners to their properties, to make sure that they comply with community guidelines.

The H.O.A. Board

A new board is elected each year either at the end or the start of each calendar year. The board is elected by the homeowners to help protect their investment. The board does this by providing oversight to the property management company who should be working in the Home Owners' & Association's best interest at all times.

Your current 2019 board contains three members.

1) President - Aaron
2) Board Member - Mustafa
3) TBA

If you have contacted the Manager & aren't getting anywhere, you may contact the board by using the form below.

Past Condo HOA websites.

AltaMonte Condos became into being in 2005 with its first board being elected early-mid 2005. The first HOA board President was named Anne & worked for the Boeing company.

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The Board will check into your concern. Depending on when you contact us & when out next meeting is scheduled we, or management at our direction, will get back to you in the next 70 days. Please remember to follow up with management as they are the ones hired to deal with the day to day operations of the Association & Condominiums.